25 Comments on "Amateur Hole-In-One on 414 Yard Par 4"

  1. Why cant they put the ratings of the videos in the suggestion box so I dont have to waste my time watching shite like this!!!

  2. Too bad the cock head doesn’t know how to hold the camera correctly.

  3. Prank vids are a backbone of YouTube, and I can especially appreciate a golf related one. Not a fan of the deceptive title though… If it’s views you’re after, then I guess it’s a success(?), but know this; other than people who are interested in purchasing novelty golf balls, the majority of viewers aren’t going to appreciate it as much as they might if you labeled it properly. -Just my unsolicited opinion.

  4. now i was expectin a good swing and proper hole in 1 :/ at least get ur title right lad !!

  5. bdunkmartin ,, cus people like having a laugh to piss people off , lighten up.

  6. idk if i should be more pissed off about the title or that it was sideways

  7. Why don’t you fucking assholes intentionally mis-name a fucking video. Fucktards.

  8. @hershyxsquirt you dont have to turn your neck to see it straight. idiot just watch the video

  9. @magg0tmacdonald yep.. got recomended that video to.. dont know how that relate to golf.. lol

  10. Is anyone else being recommended “First Latch 1 of 3” by “BreastfeedingBabies” because they watched this video? or is it just me. god Youtube is wak

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