Adam Scott is confident

Golf player Adam Scott thinks that a final round – sixty five will help to get his 2nd Australian Open title. In fact, the tournament drawcard has really helped himself to complete this achievement. With 2 birdies straight-up, he started the game with a whole lot of promise, but again he was forced to touch his feet on the ground after he failed to read the course.

After the lunch session, the wind gathered force and Adam fought hard to register a respectable seventy one which kept him in the title mix at 2 – under; but still, the world number seven was not satisfied with his putting, mainly missing 3 – eagle chances on the back line.

Adam Scott told that he has not read any of his putts this week and that dented his belief in the way the greens are playing. It was almost the same as the 1st two rounds. There were some mistakes and also some good stuffs. Since he has not got his eye on the greens, he was finding it hard to register a good score.

After a good beginning, Adam struck his 1st hurdle on the 3rd hole when he was caught on the edge of a slope. Adam went for a chip sot instead of a broomstick putter, but fluffed the effort and he was quite lucky to make a bogey.

Scott told that it was one if those tough ones with a huge slope either side. He thought that if he hit a good ship shot, it would spin back down the hill.