Tiger Woods Designs Golf Course For The First Time

For the first time in his long and illustrious career, Tiger Woods designed a golf course himself. He was at the course’s unveiling in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, last month. The name of the golf course is El Cardonal. Tiger Woods debuted as a golf course designer by designing this course.

The Golf Course is in the luxurious Diamente Resort. Anyone staying at the resort would be able to get a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean from there. Actually, the course designed by Tiger Woods is not the best one in the Resort.

There is another Golf Course at the Diamente Resort which was designed by Davis Love the Third which is located close to the ocean and has amazing dune. It is considered by many people that this Golf Course is Bandon Dunes South. The course is often included in the list of the best Golf Courses in the World.

The course designed by Woods is located higher than the original Diamente Golf Course but the course can in no way be considered to be of inferior quality. The El Cardonal Golf Course has quite a few Dunes and it also has arroyos. While speaking about being a designer, Woods said that the job is a creative one. He said that many ideas come to mind when one undertakes such a project.

He said that when one starts walking on the property on which the course is to be designed, a designer automatically visualizes the elements needed in a golf course in appropriate places even if there’s dense vegetation around. Woods said that being creative is fun. He also enjoyed being able to design something from something which seemingly had no use. Woods didn’t design the course in a way which would be challenging for the golfers of his stature. He said that he designed the course in such a way that those who’ll play in it for once would think about coming back and playing in this course again