Golfers like Lee westwood and Rory McIlroy must be waking up scared every day, now that they have been told that Tiger Woods is on the comeback trail.

Whilst American Woods hasn’t won a golf title in over two years, and has slipped down the rankings, it was only a matter of time before he got his game back together and started putting in some consistent match-winning performances.  The World’s most successful golfer of the modern day era has had set-backs as he makes his way back to the top, but he is definitley getting there, according to golf pal Arjan Atwal.

“He is very close, very close to his best,” Atwal told Reuters after playing three rounds with Woods. “It’s just a matter of Tiger playing a few more competitive rounds and everything else will be sorted out.

“His driving was so much better than it was when he was winning all those tournaments with Hank,” Atwal added.  “Even his (fairway) misses were only just off line. Tiger’s still flying the ball 310 (yards) off the tee but his shots aren’t off the map any more. And that old sound on impact is back.”

Be afraid.  Be very afraid!