Stephen Ames Wins PGA Tour

Stephen Ames made headlines with the first victory of the PGA Tour that he obtained at 52 years of age.

The Canadian golfer earned this title for the first time and he was found to showcase his trophy, the Mitsubishi Electric Classic car. Not having won a tournament over a time span of eight years, Stephen Ames states that he knew he had to keep his cool if things were working his way. Hence, the week of the tournament he had to control his emotions and anxiety as well as focus on his breathing. As he did that he feels it helped him to stay calm and collected in the tournament.

His efforts were awarded as he finished by earning the PGA Tours Champions title as well as winning the Mitsubishi Electric Classic car. He was able to defeat his opponent Bernhard Langer.

The game was held at TPC Sugarloaf in Ga. Being a natural Canadian citizen who hails from Trinidad, he closed a 6 under 66 which resulted in a four stroke victory over his opponent. He obtained a one stroke lead over five competing players in the final round. He has four titles on the PGA Tour under his belt and this time he states that he felt under control and it was nice to play in such a situation. He has been the third Canadian to have won the tour that is for those in their fifties or over as well as being the eleventh player to have won the PGA Tour Champions, and PGA Tour. He states that he created some breathing room with his playing tactics, including picking the spot where he wanted to land the ball. For his fans, it was an elegant game to witness and many players would be taking inspiration from his performance.