Matt Kuchar belives to be sharp ahead of 2015 season

Matt Kuchar believes that he would benefit from harder competition ahead of the opening of the next PGA Tour season. The 2015 Tour campaign will begin on Thursday, when the Open tees off in Napa, California.

Kuchar ended up on the 13th spot in the Tour Championship, which was the final tournament of the cashed-up FedEx Cup in September. Later he competed for the losing United States team in the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles.

Kuchar feels that he is not at all fatigued going into the new season and thinks that he could have an edge over his rivals at the $6million event.

Matt Kuchar in an interview told the media that he feels like somewhat sharper in his game. He also added that according to him the other guy at the event didn’t play as many FedEx events as him and could be five weeks off before coming on for the tournament. He also thinks that other might be fresh and rested but will not be as sharp as him.

Kuchar, the world number nine, said he was all too aware he was a sitting duck among golf’s elite, as he opens a new season.

He also expressed his happiness in playing golf for a living but also accepted it’s a really difficult way to make a living. He said that everyone here is trying to be the best of the best and every year a whole bunch of young kids are ready to take your place. He mentioned that it’s a challenge for everyone playing the best qualifier the game has to offer.

Matt Kuchar expressed his excitement for the challenge that awaits before the tournament. He said that nobody knows who will make the cut and who will not and it is also a challenge for him to give his best against the most promising newcomers.