17 Comments on "Mario Golf: Advance Tour – Hole In One"

  1. Dude, really?

    Check out my Mario Golf Albatross video for some sweet backspin action!

  2. thats not as good as my hole in one super back spin haha, mine actually does a back spin back into the hole.

  3. Yeah, cool. I think Mario Golf is a good game too, only it’s poor that you have to link with TT to get much of things. I’ve this game on the comp, so.(sorry for my bad grammar)

  4. i got my first mario golf-advance tour hole in one on this hole- click on my name and look for mario golf hole in one (more than one). it is blurry but is the first one i show.

  5. It really is a great handheld golf game. I’ll be looking forward to a DS version as well!

  6. This is the best Mario Golf Game to date. I own all the Mario Golf Games & beat them all. I hope they come out with a DS Version!

  7. That was great, of all the time I’ve owned the game, I’ve only gotten 3 hole in one’s

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