Jim Furyk Sit Out OF HSBC

Along with Jim Furyk, player Jordan Spieth, Phil Mickelson, Zach Johnson has chosen to remain out of HSBC championship.

These players have not taken this decision because they are injured or unhealthy. Instead, they have taken this decision to play other two games of three major that is going to happen in Asia ahead of Rio Games. All the players have history of travelling except Johnson, who had played only a few games out of their home place.

Asia is emerging as a new golf destination. And even the PGA is trying its efforts to make this game global. Japan is the one of the largest market of Golf and PGA is looking to organize the tournament ahead of Olympic 2020 that will help in Japan after that.

However, not every player of golf is excited or happy playing game outside their home place that too after Rio Olympics. This is the reason why Jim Furyk along with other players chose to stay outside.

Speaking about tournaments in Asia head of international affair PGA Tour Paul Johnson said “Japan has 14 sponsors and all of them have good business. As the sponsors are globalizing even we should come forward and accept it. We understand the strength of the game is more when played in US but we should also be open have business in other parts of World. This will energize fan base present across the world,” he added.

Moreover, the three tournaments after Rio Olympic will not compress the player’s performance. Instead, one can chose to leave one and play for two.

The time is changing and things are becoming global. Why golf should be restricted only to English and European countries. More options should be explored in Asia and other parts of the world too, and players should welcome it.