Jason Dufner – the man, the myth

In the theory of newly crowned PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner, the competitive cloud of the PGA Tour is not clear too often.

He stated that he calls it one or two percent sunshine; adding that it is raining the rest of the time. He mentioned that a golfer can get down in golf and can have low points and then one looks at the other players on the course and realize that he is not the only one who has low times, others face it too.

And according to the golfer, the lows are the ones that make the highs so special and undoubtedly, Dufner is going through the highest phase of his professional career having turned on the style with some brilliant display of golf to take his first major title earlier this month to win the PGA Championship.

Jason Dufner has demanded that there has been some demand for his time with the media and they have got some opportunities for some of the tournaments after the playoffs and things like that. However, he went on to add that as far as he is concerned, nothing has changed for him since winning the title, going on to mention that he still took out the trash the Tuesday after his major win.

He further mentioned that he got a new puppy and so, he was up at 3 in the morning to take it to the bathroom every night and he still goes to his favorite breakfast spot in his home town.

According to Jason Dufner, when he finished his play at the last day of the event, a lot of people made congratulatory remarks to him and he felt that these people seemed genuinely happy that he managed to secure his first major title with the PGA Championship win.