Even though Martin Kaymer has been ranked world number one, and already has a PGA title in the bag, when asked how he felt about it, he was of the opinion that even though he has won a world title, he still does not feel like a number one player, and there are many things in his playing style that he would love to change.

So when he indeed did become the number one player in 2011, it came as kind of a surprise to him, and he said that he was not playing like the best player on the planet, and he needs to change a few things.

So the moment he reached numero uno on the world charts, Martin Kaymer changed his shot style to match the right to left holes at the Augusta National. But these changes did not quite sit well with his form, and he had to bow out of the tournament.

But after he has implemented these changes in his playing style, he has not been the same player since. He has had victory at the Ryder Cup, but things are not the same anymore. And since his form fell, the steady decline in terms of world rankings soon ensued, and currently, he is at number thirty five!

But when asked how he felt about dropping so low in the rankings chart, he was of the opinion that even though other people saw him as number one, he did not see himself as number one. And when you yourself do not see yourself as number one, then how can you play like the number one player. So fans are waiting with bated breath to see whether things will take a turn for the better for Martin Kaymer and how the new him will suit his playing on the greens.