Adam Scott awarded The Don

Australian golfer Adam Scott has been given a huge honor for smashing one of the biggest sporting hoodoos of the country by claiming The Don, becoming the first ever golfer in the history of the country to claim the prestigious award.

Scott ended a 77 year old drought for golfers from Australia when he won the title at the Augusta Masters at the end of a thrilling playoff round, smashing a record that the country was only too keen to wipe out from its memory.

The selection committee of the Sport Australia Hall of Fame or SAHOF unanimously voted Scott as the winner of the 2013 The Don award, an honor which celebrates the most inspiring sporting achievement by an athlete from the country in the preceding twelve months. Speaking at the award ceremony in Melbourne via satellite, Adam Scott stated that he was honored and humbled to have won the award and to join a list of great champions who have won the award before him.

He also extended his congratulations to the other athletes who made the final list of the award list and also thanked the Sport Australia Hall of Fame for thinking him worthy enough to be conferred with the honor.

Scott will be returning to his native land this month to take part in the Australian Open, the Australian Masters, the Australian PGA as well as the World Cup which will take place at the Royal Melbourne Golf Course.

His win at Augusta made Adam Scott just the tenth Australian golfer to win a major golf title and the first one to win a major in seven long years. Australian golfers have finished in second place at the Augusta National eight times previously, including Scott’s own tied second place there a couple of years back.